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Why us

Choose Robonamix for Exceptional STEM Education

At Robonamix, we take pride in providing exceptional STEM education programs for children of various age groups. With our hands-on, collaborative approach, we nurture young minds to become innovative problem solvers and prepare them for the future.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including programming, robotics, AI, automation, and more. Whether your child joins our on-site, online, after-school, or workshop programs, they will receive top-quality instruction from experienced educators who are passionate about inspiring young learners. Join us at Robonamix and unlock the potential of STEM education for your child.

Hands-On Learning

Engage in interactive activities and real-world projects to develop practical skills.

Collaborative Environment

Foster teamwork and communication skills through group projects and discussions.

Integrated Curriculum

Explore the interdisciplinary nature of STEM subjects, connecting concepts and promoting holistic learning.


On-Site Robo Kids:

Join our full-time program for 10-14-year-olds with 34 hours of immersive learning each week. Experience hands-on STEM education, programming, basic robotics, AI tools, automations, IoT, and animation.


Online Robo Kids:

Enroll your 8-14-year-olds in our online program for 2-3 hours per week. Learn Scratch, basic programming languages, game development, automations, and animation from the comfort of home.


After School Robo Kids:

For 10-14-year-olds seeking additional STEM enrichment after school, our program offers selected topics along with all the benefits of our online Robo Kids program.


School Workshops by Robonamix:

Partner with Robonamix to bring engaging STEM workshops to your school. Designed for grades 4-12, these workshops cater to schools without a dedicated IT department.