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We are STEAM concept Academy

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) is a education system that integrates subjects to make learning units. We promote critical and creative thinking.

We aim to provide your kids with such space where they can think beyond what is contained in their text-books, create on their own and explore their own world of ideas and thoughts. 

As parents we understand how the technology is affecting our kids, we equip them with skills and knowledge that they could use for their future.

DIY, Projects by kids

Learn, explore, share, create, and improve


STEAM integrates different subjects into “interdependent” learning units based on real-world applications.


Starting with basic Scratch to advance programming skills for kids, including PLC coding. C++, Python
and lua


Robotics for kids is a hands-on and fun way for kids to learn STEAM concepts by letting them make their own robots.


By brainstorming new ideas, to basic market understanding, and building a profile, we introduce world to kids

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