Homeschooling in Pakistan

My Journey and How You Can Thrive Too


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Hi everyone! I’m a parent of four boys, Ali (15), Mousa (12), Eesa (9), and Nuh (3). Like many of you considering homeschooling in Pakistan, I was concerned about the quality of education my children were receiving. After three years for Ali and one year for Mousa in a traditional school setting, I felt frustrated by underqualified teachers and a lack of focus on core subjects. That’s when I decided to homeschool.

Now, homeschooling isn’t for everyone. A recent study during COVID [mention the report title briefly, e.g., “A study on homeschooling during COVID”] showed that while the impact on kids can be positive, it can be demanding for parents. Homeschooling requires commitment, a willingness to learn alongside your kids, and some basic comfort with technology.

Here's the thing: it's SO worth it.

The Homeschooling Advantage

My experience has been incredible. Ali, for instance, has excelled. He’s passed IGCSE exams in English, Biology, and Computer Science. He’s built a strong foundation in programming languages, tackled Arduino projects, and mastered creative tools like After Effects and Blender. Not only that, but he’s been teaching others! Ali has been giving online classes for over two years in programming, animation, and asset creation. This year, he’s taking even more IGCSE exams and is on track to begin A Levels next year. Mousa is thriving too, with a strong grasp of basic programming and a knack for creative projects using PLC boards.

How We Homeschool

With younger kids like Eesa, we take a more relaxed approach. We’ve learned that children have a natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge when properly guided. We focus on limiting screen time while incorporating educational movies and shows. Our days are structured with set times for waking up, exercise, meals, studies, outdoor activities, and sleep. We even have a furry friend – our dog! – who adds to the fun.

The key for us has been fostering a love of learning, not a fear of tests. This approach has led to a deep understanding of subjects and a strong sense of organization in their studies. Of course, they’re not perfect, and that’s okay! Making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Challenges and Considerations

Now, homeschooling isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. One parent typically needs to be available, and there are daily challenges, especially regarding social interaction. While my boys are great at making friends, they can sometimes feel anxious around traditionally schooled kids who follow specific trends. However, they’ve learned to embrace the bigger world and understand that fitting into a closed group isn’t necessary. Here in Pakistan, there can also be pressure from family who might not understand homeschooling.

Early Introduction to Programming Languages

One of the benefits of homeschooling has been the ability to introduce my sons to computer science concepts at a young age. Early introduction to programming languages has helped them develop problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and creativity. Ali started with block-based coding like Scratch, which is a fantastic tool for beginners in Pakistan (and anywhere else!). From there, he progressed to languages like Python and C++. This foundation has opened doors for him to explore other creative avenues like animation and web development.

Who Can Homeschool?

Anyone who is committed, willing to learn, and passionate about their children’s education can give homeschooling a try. There are tons of resources available online and in homeschooling communities in Pakistan. The most important thing is to tailor your approach to your children’s needs and interests.

Is Homeschooling Right for You?

Homeschooling has been an amazing journey for our family. If you’re looking for a more personalized and enriching educational experience for your children, homeschooling might be the perfect fit. Remember, it requires dedication, but the rewards are immeasurable.

I encourage you to do your research, join homeschooling groups in Pakistan, and most importantly, trust your gut. You know your children best, and you have the power to create a thriving learning environment for them!

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