Scratch is a free programming language and online/offline community, where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

The interface is divided into three main sections;

  1. Stage area
  2. Block palette
  3. Coding area

These sections help to place and arrange the blocks into scripts. In order to run the script, press the green flag or click on the code itself. 



Stage Area

The stage area features the results (for example, animations, turtle graphics, either in a small or normal size, with a full-screen option available) and all sprites thumbnails being listed in the bottom area. The stage uses x and y coordinates. The coordinates are 0,0 being the stage center.


Choose the sprite from the bottom of the staging area. Drag the blocks from the block palette into the coding area to give commands to your sprite. Costumes tab allows you to change the appearance of the sprite in order to create various effects, including animation. Sounds tab allows attaching sounds and music to a sprite.

When creating sprites and backgrounds, you can draw your own sprite manually. Choose a Sprite from a library, or upload an existing image. The video tutorial below is the brief on scratch to guide you with the basics.