4 Digit 7 Segment Display – Arduino

A 4 digit 7 segment display is used along with DHT11 which will display the sensed temperature. The IC TM1637 is attached beneath the 4 digits 7 segment display, which helps in the utilization of only two wires on the Arduino board. If this IC is not attached to the segment display, then utilization of 12 pins is required on the Arduino board. This will not allow us to add any further sensors with the display as there will be

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Motion Detection Using PIR Motion Sensor

PIR is known as Passive Infrared sensor. It detects motions of all objects with a temperature above Absolute Zero (0 Kelvin / -273.15 °C) emit heat energy in the form of infrared radiation, including human bodies. The hotter an object is, the more radiation it emits. PIR sensor is specially designed to detect such levels of infrared radiation.     PIR Pinout Requirements Arduino UNO PIR Sensor Piezo Buzzer Breadboard (optional) Jumper wires Schematics Code int sensorState = 0; void setup()

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